Elon Musk’s Cybertruck Subjected to “Expensive Kickflip” by Dana White Owned SLS as Fans React to Viral Stunt – “Into a Damn Tesla”

While he is known for being the man behind the monumental success of the UFC, CEO Dana White has also ventured out into other business fields. From the ‘Power Slap’ league to owning bulls in the PBL (Professional Bull Rider’s League), White has been hard at work at diversifying his business ventures as much as possible.

In a past interview, the UFC boss had revealed, “So over the last couple of years, I have dove into many businesses. I own a company called Throw One with the Fertitta brothers. We hold Ridiculousness, which is on MTV. We own Nitro Circus, we own SLS Skate League, and Travis Pastors Nitro Cross. I love brand building, and we are having a blast with that.”


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And in the latest update shared on his Instagram story, White highlighted SLS (Street League Skateboarding) skateboarder Louie Lopez pulling off an impressive kickflip on Elon Musk’s ‘Cybertruck’. The battery-electric full-size pickup truck was introduced to the public in 2019 and in late 2023, Tesla Inc. began making deliveries to customers however, the vehicle is currently only available in North America.

But while its futuristic design and flat stainless-steel paneled body did draw a lot of attention and Elon Musk had even claimed that it would be the “best off-road vehicle” on the market, the truck hasn’t exactly lived up to its expectations. According to a report by The Guardian, many owners have reported multiple issues with vehicle that include rusting of the stainless steel panels and issues with accelerator pedals.

As such, according to the comment section on the video shared by Dana White, while the fans were impressed with Lopez’s skateboarding skills in the viral clip, they didn’t hold back in their criticism of the Cybertruck. Here’s a look at what the netizens had to say.

Dana White’s promotional stunt for SLS with a Tesla Cybertruck backfires with the fans

Fans wanted to know why the “shot up” Tesla was present in a lot of viral videos recently

“Why is this shot up Tesla everywhere”

Others were simply awestruck at the display of Lopez’s skill as kickflipping a skateboard on top of a vehicle is no easy feat

“Did Louie just…Louie just kickflip into a damn tesla!”

Some even tried to name the move the ‘Cyber flip’

“Cyber flip”

But other fans took the opportunity to make their displeasure with the Cybertruck known as they claimed that the vehicle is only good for viral marketing campaigns and videos

“At least they’re good for something”

Some took their criticism even further as they claimed that being used as a skateboard ramp is the most “useful thing” they’ve ever seen a Cybertruck do

“Most useful thing a cybertruck has done”

Fans also blasted the Cybertruck’s appearance and design as they claimed that the vehicle looked “ridiculous” and a “monstrosity”

“They are allowing you to see how ridiculous this monstrosity looks”

Some re-iterated the fact that the Cybertruck seems to be ‘useless’ as its design and utility leave much to be desired

“Finally found a use for that car”

And some brought up the $81,895 to $101,985 price tag of the vehicle as they claimed that the viral stunt would have been very costly to set up with the Tesla automobile

“That is a very expensive kickflip”

In conclusion, while Dana White continues to explore and promote various business ventures, the use of the Cybertruck in his latest Instagram post has sparked significant criticism. Fans were impressed by Louie Lopez’s skateboarding skills but were quick to highlight the perceived shortcomings of the Cybertruck.

The vehicle, already under scrutiny for its performance issues, faced further backlash for its role in what many fans saw as a superficial and expensive marketing stunt. What are your thoughts on the ‘Cybertruck’ and Dana White’s promotion of the SLS? Share them with us in the comments below!



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