Bo Dallas’ First Opponent Seemingly Revealed by Fan Theory Following Uncle Howdy & Wyatt Sicks Segment

Bo Dallas is currently trending in the wrestling world because of his affiliation and storyline with the Wyatt Sicks. Uncle Howdy or Bo Dallas has made several statements on Raw via VHS tapes. Additionally, one of those statements appears to have indicated who Dallas will most likely face as his first opponent in the ring.

During last week’s Raw program, another VHS tape made its way to the commentary table and it appears that there was a phrase in that video that may have something to do with Dallas’ opponent. One line is that they have released the puppet free and that the puppets no longer need to obey their master. It looks likely that these puppets may be Alpha Academy, according to a fan theory.

The explanation for this has been established, which is that Chad Gable considered the Alpha Academy members as his students. Furthermore, he referred to himself as Master Gable and planned to refer to himself as Master in the Bank if he won the Money in the Bank ladder match. Because of these points, Bo Dallas had seemingly earmarked Gable and his ex-team in his most recent VHS film.

The fan theory is given by @marcobino2003 who stated, “@WrestlingDazeYT when Bo says ‘but now we must set the captives free so they need no master’ I’ve heard people say they think it’s the puppets. What if he’s talking about Alpha Academy? I remember them calling him master gable, and he was going to call himself master in the bank.”

This theory established credence to Uncle Howdy’s motives while also outlining his potential opponent. Nevertheless, the question remains as to when this matchup could come to fruition.

Bo Dallas’ bout against Chad Gable could occur at SummerSlam

The rumor that Wyatt Sicks or Uncle Howdy will make an in-ring debut is at an all-time high right now. The reason for this is that the greatest event of the summer, SummerSlam, is just around the corner. SummerSlam is WWE’s second-largest event, and it appears to be the ideal venue for the eerie faction to make their ring debut.

Furthermore, other rumors are swirling right now, the most prominent of which being that Bo Dallas or Uncle Howdy will not face off against Gable in a one-on-one match. Chad Gable is expected to establish his own team to compete against Wyatt Sicks, and this is most likely the direction WWE intends to go.

What do you think of Chad Gable becoming Bo Dallas’ first opponent? Please share your thoughts on this match in the comments section below.

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