Claire Kittle Caused Netflix More Problems Than George Kittle, Says 49ers TE, Reveals Receiver Allowed Him to Reconnect With Lost Moments

Featuring a documentary series is one of many dreams for most NFL players. As Patrick Mahomes felt blessed to work with Peyton Manning’s Omaha Production, George Kittle too finds it amusing for multiple reasons.

The wild success of Netflix’s “Quarterback” series paved the way for another riveting sports series – “Receiver” on July 10, 2024. Along with Kittle, it featured Davante Adams, Justin Jefferson, Deebo Samuel and Amon-Ra St. Brown. As the series premiered for viewers on Wednesday, it brought several revelations for NFL fans. However, one revelation happened on the latest episode of Rich Eisen’s show.

George Kittle opened up about his wife’s thoughts!

In a July 10 episode of the Rich Eisen Show, the day on which “Receiver” released, the San Francisco 49ers tight end revealed why his wife caused more trouble to Netflix than him. George Kittle expressed how much his wife, Claire Kittle, enjoyed the show, emphasizing the saying, “happy wife, happy life.” He also noted, “….just to see like it’s fun too cuz I’m pretty sure, they cut out more F-bombs by Claire than me, which is pretty incredible. She’s a fiery spirit. I’ll tell you how much she’s on fire and so I think you guys are going to like it. I think the whole world’s going to fall in love. Anyone that watches is going to be like that’s Claire Kittle. She’s one of a kind, fantastic. So I’m pumped about that.”

So, in short, Kittle’s wife had more F-bombs cut out than he did. Thanks to her lively and spirited nature. Besides this, the tight end also mentioned that this doc series will allow him to reconnect the moments which he usually misses while playing on the gridiron. Kittle informed that he found the most exciting part of the series to be the moments where he gets to see his family’s reactions to his touchdowns, which he usually misses while playing. In the series, those scenes showed his family celebrating, hugging, and laughing, making them very special to him.

Meanwhile, many might be thinking why Kittle is in the ‘Receiver’ series, despite being a tight end. Well, the TE made sure to clear this doubt in the very first episode of “Receiver.

George Kittle: The All-Rounder!

In episode 1 of “Great Expectations” from the Receiver Series, George Kittle could be seen introducing himself first. He said to the viewers, “I’m George. I know you think the show’s about just receivers and all.” And then he started off with his explanation that “But being a tight end, I get to do everything. I do catch passes. I do score touchdowns. I gotta block people. Pass protect people.

Jan 28, 2024; Santa Clara, California, USA; San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle (85) reacts after winning the NFC Championship football game against the Detroit Lions at Levi’s Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

So, here it is! Nowadays, NFL tight ends play a receiver’s role on the gridiron. Additionally, Kittle is a popular receiver in the NFL, which is why he’s featured in the series. As per rules of the league, wide receivers primarily catch passes from the quarterback and defend against rival’s safeties and CBs. Similarly, on offense, tight ends like Kittle protect their quarterbacks through blocking and also catch passes to score touchdowns. Therefore, they are integral, arguably the second-important position in the league after QB.

Hence, Kittle is a major part of the “Receiver” squad, and it seems he enjoyed being in it too.

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