College Football 25: Deiondra Sanders Celebrates Brother Shedeur’s Major Milestone in EA Sports Amid CU’s Big 12 Media Day

Shedeur Sanders: The Colorado QB or the Colorado fashionista? Frankly, either one would be a perfect fit, looking at Deion Sanders’ son. Not only are Shedeur’s on-gridiron skills top-notch, but his closet is a thing to adore. It was on full display on the Big 12 media day when he put his fashion savvy-ness to good use with his all-black ensemble paired perfectly with his signature ‘legendary’ encrusted pendant and the Nike ‘Primes’ in Colorado colorway. The fine taste of Shedeur in selecting his outfits might be a reason enough for his elder sister Deiondra to be proud of him but she had an even bigger one to celebrate her brother. There was a much bigger reason awaiting them from the e-sports heavyweight EA Sports.

Several fans frowned when EA Sports snubbed the star Colorado QB from the cover of their much-awaited CFB 25 game. Little did they know EA Sports had a much bigger picture for the QB in their mind. EA Sports knows the potential Shedeur Sanders has as a QB all too well. Precisely why they awarded him the highest ranking on their QB list, a solid 93. Deiondra Sanders’ smile grew when she came to know the fact. Instantly taking to her Instagram stories, Deiondra proudly cheered for her brother, sharing a post of Deion Sanders Jr.’s Well Off Media.

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However, there is a catch. Shedeur was not the only top-ranked QB on the list. Yes, you got that right; it was a tie. A tie between Shedeur Sanders and Georgia QB Carson Beck. However, the CU QB is not much of a ‘tie-guy‘. “It’s either one or other. You’re either one or two,” Shedeur iterated during the Big 12 media appearance when asked about sharing a spot with Beck. Is another intense QB rivalry around the corner already?

Shedeur Sanders-Caron Beck rivalry

Although neither of them has yet to address it directly, there is an unsaid fierce, no-holds-barred competition between Sanders and Beck. It has been brewing in the background ever since the early 2025 NFL draft talks started swirling. Beck and Sanders have been the top contenders for the QB1 spot in almost all early 2025 mock drafts.

While ESPN’s Matt Miller believes that Beck will steal the QB1 and the overall pick No.1 spot, CBS Sports’ Ryan Wilson believes that it would be Shedeur Sanders. Pick up any 2024 mock draft and you’ll read this battle between the lines. Even in the EA Sports list, Sanders and Beck are top competitors.

In EA Sports overall rankings, Shedeur ranked 17th whereas Beck followed right behind at 18th. The performance of both of the QBs this season would be a crucial factor in their draft picks in the draft. So, for Shedeur to get his clear ‘No.1’ spot in the draft, he will need to give this season his all.

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