“Got Goosebumps”: Stephen Curry & LeBron James Reveals the Impact of Barack Obama in Team USA After Initial Warning

Only a day ago, USA basketball celebrated its 50-year anniversary. The room was crowded with legends of the past, renowned coaches, and the current Team USA roster for the Paris Olympics. On the monumental occasion, the former POTUS Barack Obama left the acclaimed 2024 roster with some powerful words. “Y’all better win” he told Stephen Curry, LeBron James, and the others present. Even though seven years removed from his presidency, the respect and admiration for Obama hadn’t changed even a little.

His illuminating speech seemed to have the appropriate effect on Team USA. In their first exhibition game, they sought revenge on Canada for upsetting them during the FIBA World Cup 2023. They did it with the celebrated man in the Las Vegas arena. After securing the win, reporters wanted to know how the stars felt in the presence of Barack Obama. LeBron James spared no kind words for his “friend”.

“It’s always a treat you know you get to talk to one of the greatest people this world has ever seen in my opinion. I think his vision, his mindset and his words are always resonating in more ways than one. To be able to sit down with a former president, a friend of mine. I really call him a dear friend, it’s pretty awesome,” James said about his interaction with Obama.

Unlike his infamous teammate, Stephen Curry didn’t hesitate to admit he was star-struck by the great man who he still regards as his president. “Then to have President Obama you know he’s great with the microphone. Really inspiring with his words. It was cool to set us off into this journey this summer with celebrating the 50 years of USAB and what we’re trying to do this summer. I got goosebumps while he was talking. I got goosebumps watching you know all those in the room and makes you feel good about who you represent,” said the NBA’s most successful three-point shooter. 

Barack Obama scolded Stephen Curry for his critical misjudgment

Curry and Obama have met on several occasions. After every Warriors championship, the duo would exchange casualties which ultimately led to a good bond between the two. However, the basketball icon nearly put it all at risk when he wasn’t careful with his words during the ‘Winging It’ podcast with Vince Carter in 2018.

Curry denied the USA’s 1969 moon landing feat. He tried to later calm the tide his words roused by stating he didn’t want to start any conspiracies. But once said, it can’t be taken back. As a strong patriot, the 44th President of the United States of America wasn’t pleased with Curry’s statement.

He wrote him an email urging him to rectify the matter according to Marca. As a response, Stephen Curry hosted an Instagram live with former astronaut Scott Kelly and even released a Curry sneaker variant that paid homage to the 1969 feat. The sneaker was adorned with craters that represent those on the moon and the flag of America. It was a one-of-one release that was eventually sold to charity.

From that point on, Curry learned his lesson. And he has the former POTUS Barack Obama to thank for it.

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