Jasmine Paolini’s Mother Turns Animated as Daughter Fights Back Against Donna Vekic at Wimbledon

Yesterday it was Elena Rybakina’s sister Anna’s emotional but wordless monologue that caught the attention of the tennis fans. And today it is Jasmine Paolini’s mother’s turn, as she goes through an emotional roller coaster. The first semifinal of the Grass Slam has the viewers at the edge of their seats, as they watch Paolini and Donna Vekic indulge in a battle of wills. Who will win the ticket to the finale has to wait, as we explore Paolini’s game through a different perspective: a mother’s love!

Paolini suffered from a slow start in the beginning as Vekic aggressively began her semifinal campaign. The Croatian tennis star refused to give Paolini any space to make a comeback in the first set. Consequently, Vekic claimed the initial battle with relative ease (6-2). However, Paolini did lose the battle, but not the war. And while Vekic tried to keep momentum in her stead, the Italian crushed it all to make a comeback, as Italian breathed a sigh of relief.

While Paolini celebrated her comeback with a fist bump and a victory howl, her mother had her hands in the air, as she rejoiced in her daughter’s small victory. The author of Big3 shared the heartfelt moment of the mother-daughter duo on his X account, captioned: “JASMINE PAOLINI FORCES A THIRD!”

With the 2nd battle won, Paolini was ready to assert her dominance in the third set. But tough Vekic was not be brushed aside easily as she was back in rhythm to challenge the Italian’s dream run. And after four games, Vekic was in the lead with 3-1, and when everyone thought it was over for Paolini. She wrestled back to equal the score to 3-3. What ensued post that was an equal fight between the players with the score tied at 4-4, and the fight went on with 5-5, with neither of the players ready to give up on the ticket to the final showdown! And Paolini is certainly hoping to leverage her ‘perfect match’ rhythm as the semifinal nears the conclusion.

Paolini carries on her “Played a perfect match” rhythm to the semifinals

It would be the 2nd consecutive Grand Slam final for the Italian if she brushes aside the Vekic threat! Paolini has captured all the limelight after her French Open miracle run, and she made sure to carry on the momentum to the Grass court. While some players found it tough to transition from clay to grass. Paolini was grooving on the court. And all things worked in the right direction as she made it to the semifinals with her terrific form.

During her post-QF win interview, Paolini was all smiles, as she answered the reporter that she was “Feeling great for the semi-finals, and today was a good match. With no mistakes, she played a perfect match.” Certainly made her coach proud with her consistent performance throughout the majors.

Could she make it to the finals of the Wimbledon after a close battle with the Croatian?

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