Max Verstappen to Mercedes Still On for 2025 as “Confusion” Builds Within Red Bull

Mercedes hasn’t given up on Max Verstappen. Despite Toto Wolff’s failed attempts, speculations suggest that Verstappen could join Mercedes. In fact, according to many, this would be the best for him. Red Bull has been weak on the track in the last few races, and Verstappen has either struggled to win or hasn’t won at all. Some believe this sudden degrade in the performance is due to something that has happened within the team. While no legitimate information has surfaced, the rumors surrounding Red Bull’s issues still persist.

Recently, reports of new drama between team principal Christian Horner and Max’s father, Jos Verstappen have been making headlines. Besides, this sudden change in the team’s climate feeds Toto Wolff’s ambition, and once again, Max Verstappen is back on the Mercedes map! Former Ferrari engineer Luigi Mazzola thinks there is a good chance that Max could switch to the Brackley-based team next year.

Mazzola shared his insights on Racing Anatomy. “That would be the right move, both for Verstappen and for Wolff. And I think that could happen,” he noted, believing that Verstappen’s move to Mercedes would benefit both Max and Wolff. With Mazzola further adding, “Red Bull has lost its luster, there is confusion within the team, something has happened and so the game is broken”, the abrupt shift in Red Bull’s performance has also surprised fans.

“I think Verstappen is smart enough to say yes to Wolff, and I am convinced that Toto Verstappen can sign as early as 2025, although 2026 is too far away,” Mazzola concluded. However, will this persuasion succeed or are these just speculations? Mercedes could be the best for Max next season. But for this to happen, ‘Operation Verstappen’ must succeed.

Mercedes could be the best option for Max Verstappen’s future

Despite a slow start in 2024, Mercedes has rebounded and outperformed Red Bull, positioning themselves as title contenders once more. Toto Wolff continues his pursuit of Max Verstappen, showcasing Mercedes’ championship-winning potential. The recent wins by George Russell and Lewis Hamilton underscored their resurgence. Additionally, Verstappen’s ongoing performance struggles with Red Bull are fuelling speculations about a potential move to Mercedes.

The Red Bull No. 1 should consider Mercedes, especially after the introduction of the 2026 New Regulations. As per rumors, Mercedes could have a similar engine as their title-winning 2014 ones and that would be enough to ‘lure’ Max. However, Verstappen insists Red Bull must improve the car and is working hard himself. He doesn’t want the team to believe they’ve reached their limits, and they expect to update before the summer break.

Max Verstappen
Formula One F1 – British Grand Prix – Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone, Britain – July 7, 2024 Red Bull’s Max Verstappen arrives ahead of the race REUTERS/Andrew Boyers

But in hindsight, Red Bull no longer has the most dominant car, Mercedes is emerging as one of the toughest challengers [only if they continue with their progress]. The team’s coordination on the track reflects the significant impact of Red Bull’s internal dispute. So, now, Max Verstappen has a crucial decision to make; either he sticks with his loyalty to Red Bull or he can choose a stronger side and shift to Mercedes.

As of now, Toto Wolff’s squad looks the most promising, especially for 2026. Verstappen’s choice would be critical and could either make or break for the driver. Developments are as fast-paced as the sport, and hopefully, some information about his decision will come up soon. Until then, share your thoughts about these rumors in the comments below.

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