‘Reality of Rafa Leaving Hits Him’ – Novak Djokovic’s Future in Question, as Tennis Insider Brings In Tiger Woods Example

Is Novak Djokovic‘s longevity on the court hanging by a thread? Looking at the way how Roger Federer slowly moved out of the tennis scene, Rafael Nadal is certainly in his last leg, so the question stands to same for the Serbian tennis player. However, recently, popular tennis broadcaster, Prakash Amritraj, backed the 24-time Grand Slam champion while talking about his longevity on the tennis court.

The Indian-American former tennis player recently appeared on the Up and Adams Show very opened up about what he feels regarding the 37-year-old tennis player’s survival on the court. While this year he has not won a single title, the Tennis Channel commentator prominently focused on how history tells a lot of stories when it comes to the Serb.

He stated, “Amazing, every great I think has that one last trick up his sleeve, like when Rafa won that Australian Open, he was down two sets to love against Medvedev. One. The French said here, I think that was it for him. Tiger Woods when he won that last Masters. Foreman, when he beat Michael Moore. I think Djokovic has gotten one more in this bag, at least how near the end.”

Not only that but after sharing a Tiger Woods example, he further continued about how things have changed in a year for the 24-time Grand Slam champion. Woods is in the last stretch of his pro career as well and has dealt with injuries these last few years. But his last win at Augusta in 2019 is unforgettable. “I think we’ll closer than we think I think last year he’s saying, oh, I’d love to play for another five years. But I think with the reality of Rafa leaving that hits him in a certain way.”

Subsequently, a few months ago, Richard Gasquet stated that he was “amazed” by Novak Djokovic’s endurance and that the Serbian player was still “so strong at that age.” Only basketball legend Michael Jordan, according to the former world No. 7 ranked player, is equal to Djokovic in terms of sustaining peak performance for a lengthy period.

He stated, “It’s bound to get worse [with age]. Apart from Djokovic, who wins Grand Slam at almost 37 years old? Have we ever experienced this in sport, apart from perhaps [Michael] Jordan? (Lionel) Messi plays in Miami, the others (footballers) in Saudi Arabia, he is world No 1.” On the other hand, last year, the former world number one described how he follows the Tom Brady longevity method to play a long run into the game.

Can Novak Djokovic be like Tom Brady?

Tom Brady is a role model even after retirement for some of the greatest athletes of their generation, as is the case with Novak Djokovic. In an interview with a Saudi Arabian reporter last year, he revealed how he has learned a lot of things from the 43-year-old footballer.

He stated, “Why stop when you are still playing great? So I will keep going. I know (Tom Brady) personally as well, and I learnt from him, from his example, and, hopefully, I can have a career that goes up to 40 and maybe even beyond, Let’s see.” While last year the situation was apparently quite different, things have changed this year in a different manner, which nobody expected.

Having undergone knee surgery in an already title-less year, the possibility of another Grand Slam is thin. But the Serb has certainly reached the finals with some spectacular wins at Wimbledon this year, even if he got a walkover in the semis.

Nevertheless, what are your thoughts on the Serb’s longevity? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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