Who Are Eliud Kipchoge’s Parents? Everything You Need to Know About the Olympic Marathon Champion

“Athletics is not so much about the legs; it’s about the heart and the mind.” – goes the adage said by the legendary Eliud Kipchoge himself. The Olympic marathon champ and world record holder, has a phenomenal story fulled by willpower. Kipchoge was raised in Kapsisiywa, Nandi County, Kenya, as the youngest of four siblings. Despite his modest roots and early struggles, Kipchoge has grown to become a well-known figure in the long-distance running domain and that begets the question -who has helped him along the way?

Kipchoge overcame several odds on his route. When he was just a small kid, he lost his father. Till now, his mother, Jane Rotich, has raised him as a single parent. This bond substantially impacted his career and personal life, reshaping the man to become the first person to break the two-hour marathon mark.

Meet the parents of Eliud Kipchoge

In his formative, impressionable year, Kipchoge’s father passed away, leaving his mother to raise their four children by herself. “I’m the last born and I’m really close to my mother,” Eliud Kipchoge noted. Jane Rotich was a nursery school teacher and now is vital to Kipchoge’s growth. Her resolve gave her kids, especially the youngest Eliud, a firm base. Furthermore, in a chat, Kipchoge noted the effect of his mother, saying, “I was taken care of by a single mother. I think she is a strong woman who took care of us.”

Additionally, the support Jane Rotich gave to the Kipchoge family is apparent in her teachings. “I trust that she injected me with the knowledge on how to grow and do good things.” Growing up without a father often caused odds, but Kipchoge overcame them with the backing of his bold mother. Despite having limited resources, Jane Rotich’s efforts bore fruit as she was able to send her kids to school. Kipchoge started his running career as a student at Kapitel Secondary School. His first role involved delivering milk by bicycle 20 kilometers to Kapsabet town, which highlights his early discipline. However, such a process prepared him for his future sporting efforts and strengthened his will better.

The Kenyan long-distance runner shares a special bond with his mother

One fascinating element in Kipchoge’s life is his unique bond with his mother, Jane Rotich. He owes notable aspects of his success to her. “My life growing up was not that easy…I would go to school and hear people talking about their fathers.” Kipchoge continued, “At the time, society would always believe that people who were raised by single mothers should not get power.” However, sometimes it was difficult for Eliud Kipchoge without his dad. He believes a father’s bond is strength, noting, “But I broke the two-hour barrier without a father…so those who have fathers should beat my time then.” 

Also, the 39-year-old’s strong bond with his mother has supported him professionally. Her faith in his ability inspired him to pursue greatness against social pressure to do otherwise. Kipchoge’s accomplishments are a testament to the morals his mother instilled in him. His remarkable accomplishments in marathon running and the ability to overcome societal skepticism reflect the substantial impact of his growing up. His mother gave him a solid moral and ethical base, which has motivated him to pursue excellence unrelentingly.

Moreover, historic achievements throughout Eliud Kipchoge’s career include his sub-two-hour marathon record from the INEOS 1:59 Challenge. In addition, he has won many prestigious marathons, such as the Chicago, Berlin, Tokyo, and London events. His path from a small Kenyan town to the world sporting stage shows the strength of resiliency alongside the important role his mother had in his life. Thus, Eliud Kipchoge’s life involves more than simply his sporting accomplishments. It also highlights the key influence of his mother, Jane Rotich.

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