Who Are Nico Young’s Parents? An Insight Into the Track and Field Cross-Country Star’s Family

From the get-go, Nico Young was a cut above the rest! It was his mother who recognized his talent initially, who recalls, “He was sprinting around like a madman.” His mother is proud of him as she emphasizes his vast knowledge, noting, “He is just a massive resource of information. Whether it be diet-related, training-related, or how to deal with social media.” With this strong foundation, Nico has achieved incredible milestones, including recently qualifying for the Paris Olympics in men’s 10,000m, making him the first openly gay male U.S. track and field Olympian in history ever!

Young’s personal bests are impressive! He shined through the 800 meters in 1:47.65 in April 2024, ran like the wind in the 3000 meters with a time of 7:37.73 in December 2023, and absolutely smashed the 10,000 meters in 26:52.72 in March 2024. From being a high school sensation to hitting the ground running at Northern Arizona University, Nico has consistently knocked it out of the park. But as the adage goes, “Behind every great athlete is a strong support system“, and Nico’s parents have been his rock.

Who are Lynne and Andrew Young? Learn more about the parents of 2024 NCAA Champion Nicos Young

Nico Young, born on July 27th, 2002, grew up in a supportive family environment shaped by his parents, Lynne and Andrew Young. According to information available on Facebook, his mother, specializing in IRS conflict resolution and taxation for individuals and small businesses, has been a pillar of support. However, details about his father remain scarce. But Nico is not alone in his athletic journey; he has twin brothers, Lex and Leo, who are also making their mark as standout runners in their high school.

Inspired by Nico’s early successes on the track, Lex set a high school record in the 5k with a time of 13:34.96, while Leo clocked one of the fastest high school 1,500 meters in history at 3:40.86. Nico is also proud of his brother’s achievements. Two years ago, when he was asked about his brothers being successful athletes, “What’s it been like seeing your brothers’ success?” Nico replied, “It’s been amazing to see you guys’ success. It’s kinda awesome to see you guys’ success even more than I did.” Well, it seems he is pretty proud.

This support has been integral as Nico himself attained notable milestones, including becoming a two-time NCAA champion in both the 3000m and 5000m events at the 2024 NCAA Indoor Championships while representing Northern Arizona University. However, achieving this required much effort and sacrifices from his parents.

Not into athletics but role models: How Young’s parents helped him succeed on the field and beyond

With three standout runners, one might assume the Young family has a long history of track and field, but that’s not the case. Nico Young’s parents, Lynne and Andrew Young, weren’t runners themselves but always prioritized a healthy lifestyle. This foundation supported Nico as he excelled in his final season competing for Northern Arizona University (NAU). In March at the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships, where Nico claimed dual victories in the 3,000 and 5,000 meters, marking his first individual collegiate titles after years of close calls. But one thing was always certain: his parents attended his every important meet and championship, like the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships, where Nico won multiple events.

However, at the meet in Boston, they almost missed the race. But Lynne and Andrew ultimately attended, driven by the thought of missing a pivotal moment in their son’s career. “What if this is the meet where he wins his first NCAA title, and I’m not there?” Lynne recalled. “We went, and oh my gosh, we were rewarded with two NCAA titles.”

Nico’s journey started at just five years old when his parents spotted his energetic sprints during backyard playtime. Well, it was a family friend, Stacey Quiles, who suggested he get into the youth track. Since then, his parents have been his lucky charm and a wellspring of motivation. As for whether Nico will be the flag bearer for the Paris Olympics, it’s hard to say for sure, but his remarkable journey and achievements certainly make him a strong contender for such an honor.

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