Wimbledon: Lorenzo Musetti Will Be on Cloud Nine as Roger Federer Comparisons Receive Doubles Legend’s Validation

Lorenzo Musetti’s swift action on the grass is a story of perfection! But not to forget the mental fortitude and the Wimbledon record (seven-time winner) of Novak Djokovic as well! Every tennis fan is waiting for the semifinal clash between the duo at this year’s Wimbledon. Will Djokovic overpower the Roger Federer-esque flair style of Musetti? Listen to Serena Williams’ ex-coach herself, who gave her verdict before the match!

Even if Federer left tennis two years ago, his inedible mark (eight-time champion) at Wimbledon is there to stay forever, inspiring new generation players to follow in his footsteps. Especially his aggressive style and lightning-fast pace on the grass! According to Rennae Stubbs, Musetti is also one of them. During Racquet’s Rennae Stubbs Tennis Podcast, she highlighted the 22-year-old player’s resemblance to the 20 Grand Slam Champion’s swift pace on the grass.

After sharing her views on Taylor Fritz’s performance, the 53-year-old former doubles player, said, “Musetti has just such beautiful variety. It reminded me of so much of watching Roger Federer on the grass and why he was so good.” But wait! When it comes to his matches against Djokovic, according to statistics, he has a 5-1 lead over the Italian! Hinting at the secret behind Djokovic’s multiple victories over Musetti, Stubbs contradicted, “But I think the difference is that Novak Djokovic handles the variety. He can slice as well and can come into the net.” 

Furthermore, she mentioned how Djokovic’s playing style and a “couple of extra days off” before the match can work against Musetti. “He doesn’t mind playing a little bit of cat and mouse. Sometimes his tail, as you said, likes to bash it like really big. So I just think that this is going to be an uphill climb big time for Musetti. He’s [Novak] going to be just feeling great.”

Although, a year ago he admitted to feeling “lost” on the grass, this season Lorenzo is not only extending his win record on the grass to 18-9 but also entering a Grand Slam semifinal for the first time. Besides, last year, Musetti himself admitted how he looks up to Roger, instead of Djokovic, in order to learn his moves on the grass. “I see Roger as the greatest ever on grass. Even if Djokovic’s last couple years, he’s done an amazing job. But my heart goes with Federer because, in a certain way, he reminds me of my game because I’m trying to imitate him..”

However, if Djokovic wins his 8th Grand Slam this season, he will be equating Federer’s Wimbledon record, adding another Grand Slam to his list of 24. Therefore, the stakes are quite high and Musetti knows it too. After his quarterfinal victory, he shared what he is expecting in his semifinal clash against Djokovic!

Musetti speaks on his “ambitious” nature ahead of the semifinal match at Wimbledon

“We know each other pretty well,” Musetti said of Djokovic. The last time Lorenzo acquired a victory over the Serbian was during the Monte Carlos of 2023. More than a year has passed since then, and Musetti knows he is stepping into the ground where Djokovic has first won his Grand Slam at age 20! Nevertheless, the Italian tennis player is ready for the challenge.

“He probably knows, better than me, the surface and the stadium, for sure. Jokes apart, he’s a legend everywhere, but especially here in Wimbledon. It’s going to be one of the toughest challenges on tour. But I am an ambitious guy and I like to be challenged.” 

Their clash on clay in the third round of the French Open this season ended with Djokovic’s victory after a five-set match. However, as the two prepare for the big day on the grass, much like Stubbs, we are all holding our breath to see who emerges victorious this time!

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